5 Different Road Traffic Signs and the Usage

Signage is not limited to just business signs; you can see loads of signs that are not made for business purpose yet those are immensely useful for day to day activities. Among those signs, road traffic signs are crucial and must be taken seriously in order to avoid traffic hassles. These signs are specially made for safe driving and it also helps to take directions accordingly.  Many drivers are ignorant about traffic situations and often fail to respect instructions. Road signs are a blessing that potentially averts danger along with that provides safety to the pedestrians. Some of the important road traffic signs are-

  • Speed limit signs- such signs shows the maximum speed limit at which one should drive to avoid over speeding dangers
  • Zebra crossing signs- This is drawn out in a format which helps the pedestrian cross the road safely in order to avoid accidents
  • One way signs- one way signs are drawn out with an arrow pointing in a single direction which gives a clear view to the drivers to maintain safety by slowing down
  • Diversion signs- road diversion signs are commonly used on those roads that are undergoing repair and construction work
  • No entry signs-a narrow section of a road portrayed by two lines that tend to come to each other is the signature of a no entry road. This sign is specially made to notify drivers that the zone is restricted.

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